Season's Monthly Winners


Seasons 2018

Art Exhibition Monthly Winners

Below are the biographies and/or artist's statements along with the artist's websites or emails. 

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Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you for sharing your talent with us.


Thomas Watkins

First Place Winner 

For 15 years Thomas has been a photographer and fine art printer. He was originally trained in traditional darkroom techniques and later transformed that knowledge into a digital workflow where he has even greater control over the creation of his art.

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Sara BArdin

Second Place

In 2009, Sara Bardin started creating art to relieve herself from the stress she was experiencing in daily life. On a visit to the national US Botanic Garden and she became inspired to paint flowers. She found that a flower’s beauty, color, and texture evoked deep emotion. Her art conveys this emotion and when people see her work, she would like it to induce any type of feeling or memory. 

Ms. Bardin’s main subject matter over the last few years has been bearded irises. A bearded iris displays a heart-pounding beauty in its splendor. The velvety texture of the falls, the papery lightness of the standards, and the colorful splash of the beard combine to make a deeply inspiring portrait of this gorgeous flower. Although she has planted a garden bed full of irises that she works from, she also chooses other genus of flowers that grow in her garden, like the peony, to paint from when she is inspired. 

Her pieces are all acrylic paint on canvas. She uses acrylic because she is sensitive to chemicals. She loves the brilliant color that is achievable. She uses it to make her subject matter pop from the canvas visually. With the advances made in the development of acrylics it facilitates the blending and drying times making it easier to blend and create believable textures. 

Ms. Bardin has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Dayton and has studied painting at The Compass Atelier. She has exhibited at Strathmore “La Vie en Bleu” Juried Exhibition, the Maryland Federation of Art “Strokes of Genius” Juried Exhibition, Montgomery Arts Association Paint the Town Kensington Labor Day Show Juried Exhibition, Annual Labor Day Art Show at Glen Echo Park, Hill Center Galleries Juried Exhibition, and the Washington ArtWorks “A Burst of Color” Juried Exhibition. 

Her family means the world to her. When she is not painting, she is spending time with her daughters. Whether it is attending their volleyballs games, watching them spar in Tae Kwan Do, or catching a movie, the time she spends with them is priceless. She also has them critique her work. She has been known to go back into a painting on the advice of one of her daughters after she believed it to be finished. 

She currently resides in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters.


Gaylord Mink

Third Place

After retirement as a research scientist some 20 years ago, I became interested in wildlife and nature videography as a way to record and preserve natural activities that I witnessed. Over time I incorporated still photography as another recording medium. As my photographic skills improved, I, now, try to look at natural events and present them in a somewhat more artistic way. It is not easy for an old scientist to reappear as an artist.


Vivian antonini

Honorable Mention

Vivian Antonini is a talented and award winning artist best known for her abstract painting designs. Her works has been described as a 2D expressionist figurative paintings with a diversity of incorporated materials into her creations.  Her focus is on forms, textures and colors. She paints with her soul, putting in her works her mind, spirit, dreams, and even her nightmares.  She is passionate about painting, and has tried many subjects and techniques using many materials. She works mostly with oil on canvas and mixed media, and recently has begun using acrylics on her paintings. She is constantly pulled into new directions, that music and color give her. Rather than staying with one type of configuration, it reflects the desire for freedom and growth, always important in her works. Expect her paintings to stir up emotion within you.  Visit her website.


howard frye

Honorable Mention

Howard Frye grew up in the southern coal fields of West Virginia. He is been interested in nature from an early age and most finds solace in the mountains of he home state to which he returns to often. He received his bachelor's degree in art education from Marshall University and his master's and doctorate degrees from Florida State University. He is currently an associate professor of art education at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC.


emel karakozak

Honorable Mention

Emel Karakozak was born in Mut in 1974. Her adventure in photography was started in high school years and later was matured in AFAD (Adana Photography Amateurs Association) who participated in many group exhibitions, received awards in various national and international competitions and also was jury member in many photography competitions. Living in Adana, she is the first woman in Turkey who has EFIAP/b title and who opened first personal exhibition ‘Lotus’ in 2010 in Adana Sabancı Fine Art Gallery. She was the first in photo contest resulted in 2011 which was created in Hürriyet newspaper as “Domestic Violence” campaign. She opened her second personal exhibition opened in Istanbul Artgalerim. She also worked in 2012 Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair, 2011 Contemporary Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, 2011 Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair. Her works were took place in Hacettepe Art Museum and BAKSI Art Museum and also in London Saatci Gallery and in Romantic Bad Rehburg Museum and in Steyerberger Rathaus. She will have three personal exhibitions; one in Artgalerim Bebek Art Gallery in November 2014, one in Vittebsk/Belarus Center for Contemporary Art in Februrary 2015 and one in Cultural Center of the Divina and Museum of Kreises. She worked at Artgalerim Nişantası Art Gallery as a photograhp artist for 3 years and she contunies her carrieer as photograph artist at Artgalerim Bebek Art Gallery and Lust Auf Kunst Art Gallery.  Visit her website.


molly mcdonough mahler

Honorable Mention

Molly McDonough Mahler is a fine art photographer living and working in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati and holds a B.A. from New York University. She began studying photography in 2011, eventually studying with Muriel Foster and more recently with Lisa Britton. Molly has attended workshops and symposiums with FotoFocus, the Ohio Valley Camera Club (selected for exhibition in 2014 and 2016) and the Greater Cincinnati Photographers Club. Her images were published in the 2016 and 2017 University of Cincinnati Creative Voices printed compilations (selected as the cover photo in 2017). In 2018, her work was chosen for inclusion in Fusion Art’s “3rd Annual Leaves & Petals Online Juried Art Exhibition”, and was awarded an Honorable Mention in Light Space & Time’s annual “CityScapes” exhibition. Two of Molly’s images were selected for the Durango Arts Center’s “Art Traditions: International Juried Photography Exhibit” in Durango, Colorado shown through March 2018. Her work was also selected for The Print Swap’s participation in the Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) April 2018 exhibition curated by Paul Kopeikin, the director of the internationally renowned Kopeikin Gallery. She has placed first, second, and third in Digital Photography Review’s Challenges (www.dpreview.com/members/2179049039/galleries). As a visual artist, Molly strives to continually grow her capacity for seeing everyday images that she can work with to create photographic art. Molly's work can be found on Instagram @mollymcdm.


beca piascik

Honorable Mention

Born in Upstate New York, a competitive swimmer for 16 years, a passion for photography. I draw inspiration from the three places I call home: Boston Massachusetts, upstate New York, and Southern California. Within the past two years I have come to be able to call all these places home. I moved from a suburban home setting in Upstate New York with access to New York City, to living in the city of Boston while attending SMFA. Recently, my brother has moved to Calabasas, California where I have access to a very new atmosphere. The range of places I have available to me are increasing the diversity in my work and I look forward to understanding and embracing these changes. The summer before the school year I spent two months in California photographing and taking in inspiration from the state. I became emotionally connected to the state, through my brother and the time I spent there. I began to become more aware to one of the main problems in California, wild fires. Ventura, where I got matching tattoos with my brother before I came back to Boston, was all over the news, the hills I drove past in the summer were blazing on Facebook videos. In the summer I photographed a fire that happened a year prior in a town called Sand. I was very attracted to the colors that I experienced in California, seeing the difference in the color schemes of the opposite coasts. My process involves a mixture of photography, ceramics, printmaking, pattern design, and bookmaking. All of these have the tendencies to intertwine to create work that is interdisciplinary and unique.Having multiple outlets for art making, in terms of digital and constructional, referencing the stark difference between a ceramic workflow and a digital photography workflow, is critical to my practice. I really think that this is important for me to continue having this because I found that when I would be frustrated with either medium I could go to the other and exercise my other muscles. The unity of the two, graphic and non, posed great puzzles for me to figure out. Visual creation calls for someone who is determined and passionate about unconventional ways of communicating. I often find myself in a love-hate relationship with art. I love the expression mixed with craftsmanship, and the dedication it takes to be an artist. The community that artists build with one another through critique and support is unique. Often I find myself frustrated by the ability that art has to be interpreted so openly. Every individual’s life experience changes the way that they interpret media; no two people will understand and internalize a piece in the same way.  Visit her website.


jeniffer trivett

Honorable Mention

Jennifer is a Virginia watercolor artist, hailing from beautiful Fauquier County in the Northern Piedmont region of the state. Inspired by the beauty of the landscape around her, her focus is mostly on the natural world and its inhabitants. Her paintings are color saturated, and as an untrained and emerging artist at the age of 65, her style is somewhat varied, ranging from the abstract to expressionism to the transformational.  Find her on facebook.


zong zhou wang

Honorable Mention

Professor Zong Zhou Wang was born in November 1946 in Shaanxi Province. He is a famous master in fine arts living in America, a former professor at Central University for Nationalities, Member of Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Chapter; Currently Exp.,. Director of the Chinese Artists Association. 
Mr. Wang's oil painting Spring Buds, Chirping Birds and Singing Spring, Red Path,New Teacher Arriving won awards in the First Chinese Oil Painting Expo, Chinese Seventh National Fine area Expo, Beijing Fine Arts Expo and China National Teacher Fine area Expo.In 1994, The Art Committee of the World Chinese Arts in Hong Kong selected his artistic works into the Encyclopedia of World Chinese Artists Works and Collection of the World Chinese Fine Arts Masters' Paintings and Calligraphy Works. His name is listed in The North American Chinese Artists Who's Who since 1995, in The Yearbook of the World Chinese Fine Arts Masters since 1996, and in The Encyclopedia of Chinese Personalities in 1998. 1n 2005, he was awarded the Honorable Credential of World Cultural Celebrity, and the Golden Tripod of World Cultural and Scientific Contribution Award. In 2007, he won the Artistic Achievement Award by the International Chinese Artists Association.  Visit his website.