Fins Feathers & Fur Monthly Winners


Fins, Feathers & Fur 2019

Art Exhibition Winners

Below are the biographies and/or artist's statements along with the artist's websites or emails. 

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Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you for sharing your talent with us.



Oil & Polymer Emulsion On Wood

18 x 61

James Russell May

First Place Winner 

James Russell May was born in Savannah, GA. He attended The Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating in 1991. He spent the next years living and working in Savannah, drawing inspiration from the city and its many local artists dedicating himself to developing his painting. In 2005 he moved to Louisville KY, taking the opportunity to alter artistic style and techniques. He has since had many solo shows and has participated in group exhibitions throughout the country. May’s current work is strongly influenced by the Academia style of the nineteenth century filtered through the eyes of an artist of the post-modern world. The paintings blend realistic oil techniques with experimental uses of resins and abstract fields of color and metallic surfaces. His current work has been focused on painting organic forms on aluminum and copper.


Marine World

acrylic On Canvas

28 x 28

Angee Ferrin

Second Place

Angee Ferrín was born in Caracas, Venezuela on January 25th, 1977. She graduated from the Architecture & Arts School of the University of Los Andes, Venezuela where she obtained an Architect Degree. Her increasing love and curiosity for the arts drove her to self study the pointillism technique used by neo-impressionist artist, George Seurat, among others, whom clearly had been of great influence on her style. Angee Ferrín uses a modern and impressive variation of the Pointillism techniques filling illustrations with vibrant colors, great detail and a unique style by combining a series of painted dots leading her to a colorful path of expressions. Currently Angee resides in Orlando, Florida where she continues expressing her emotions and perspectives through colorful painting and art pieces. When painting Angee challenges herself to explore the multiple paths of colors and shapes incorporating dots to fill and delineate textures using her vibrant colors signature style establishing a surreal interpretation and leading the eyes of the observer to the open door of the imagination.


Curiosity Sisters


13 x 9

Minnie Lucas

Third Place

Growing up in rural Ohio, Minnie Lucas finds inspiration in agriculture, abandoned places, and nature. She enjoys working with film and digital. Her hopes are to someday expand her travels to see more forgotten places, nature, and rural life in other places in the world.


Deana Bada Maloney

Honorable Mention

I have been an observer of nature all my life. I am continually awestruck at the beauty of the natural world and the magic and mystery in every living thing. My work is a study of living forms, celebrating the structure of how something is made along with the transcendental presence of the subject. There is a story in each of my pieces inspired from myths, religions or the state of the world around us. I use found materials in my work, whether it is an object from the subject’s natural surroundings or it is a key component of the story I am portraying. I have a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago, with a strong focus in anatomy and scientific illustration. I have found sculpture to be a new vehicle for me in which I am able to express the beauty and stories woven in nature and the world around us.


Nancy Bruce

Honorable Mention

I am a mixed media artist working primarily with recycled papers. I have been working in this fashion for many years and enjoying it immensely. This particular group of images came about because I had a notion that I wanted to raise chickens. Fortunately for the chickens I never acted on this plan.


Morrigan Crotty

Honorable Mention

I am a 20 year old university student who is majoring in both art and writing. I generally work with graphite, however, I have recently been shifting my focus towards acrylics and ink. Previously, I only had some work displayed on-campus. I love to work both from reality and fantasy.

Get in touch with Morrigan to learn more about her work.


Vega Davis

Honorable Mention

My interest in creating small watercolor animal illustrations was born from the exploration of the classic children’s tale “Little Red Riding Hood.” I was particularly interested in exploring the unrevealed side of the subjects: the way innocence comes with sin, softness with danger. My intention is to seduce the viewer with a visual that reflects the essence of the animals, rather than be representational. I research the personality traits of my subjects and immerse myself with the information before creating the work. I seek for solidity and fluidity by applying saturated marks while accepting the rushing and gradual fading of the paint towards the white paper. The surface—which can be viewed as the openness of the landscape in which the animals exist—becomes part of the image as I integrate the white of the background as an element equal to the paint. With limited brushstrokes, my intention is to honor my subjects and to acknowledge the force and beauty of nature.


Ali Graves

Honorable Mention

Ali Graves began painting at a very young age, inspired by her artist mother who instilled a love of the arts and always made sure that the arts played an equally important role in her early education as the traditional school subjects did; her mother even served as a volunteer art teacher at her elementary school after finding out they had no art program. Ali continued doing art work throughout her childhood, however, she got a renewed focus on it in college, where even though she majored in Microbiology & Cell Science, she was able to take a single art class for non-art majors, where she ultimately fell in love with India Ink as her chosen medium. She later attended law school, all the while continuing art work, even becoming president of the Art Law Society and hosting the law school’s annual art show for faculty and students each spring. After undergoing emergency brain surgery during her second year of law school to remove a brain tumor that ultimately caused permanent deficits in her vision, she threw herself back into doing art on a regular basis after realizing how precious the gift of sight is and how important it is to do what you truly love. Although she does a small amount of work in color, she prefers to work in black and white as she feels it gives her pieces a different feel and emotion than their color counterparts do. She particularly loves India Ink as she feels that its fluidity as a medium lends that same sense of fluidity, continuity, and smoothness to her pieces, that, while not precisely realistic, capture the true essence and spirit of whatever she is painting on paper. Ali won 1st place in Ocala’s 2018 Student and Emerging Artists Competition in her age category and received 2nd in her age category in the same show in 2019. Her work has been accepted to multiple juried shows and is in numerous private collections throughout Florida. She is a regular participant in Ocala’s First Friday Art Walks each month.


Shelley Hudson

Honorable Mention

Shelley Hudson is a prairie girl who was born in Regina, SK in 1966. Due to her father’s career moves, she lived in numerous towns across the Prairie Provinces, attending 7 different schools from K to 12. At the age of 16 she settled in Saskatoon, where she has remained. Shelley’s artistic journey began as a child when her mother encouraged her talent and creativity by providing her with her first medium - India ink and a pen. Shelley has relied on her own curiosity, willingness to experiment, and the encouragement of her family to shape and develop her technique. She is always drawn to examining the colours and shapes of everyday items and contemplating their beauty and how to represent them in new ways. Shelley has two primary inspirations for her art. First, is her love of animals. She views animals as “people with fur, feathers, or scales” and her artistic endeavor is to bring out the inner personality of each of her subjects, striving to make each representation as unique as the individual animal. Second, Shelley draws on her vivid dream life to create surreal images that haunt her until she expresses them in physical form. These images are as diverse as her dreams and it took her many years to have the courage to express them publicly but the results have been wholly satisfying.


Dan Knighton

Honorable Mention

Painting is my passion. Acrylic is my medium. Creating and capturing images is what drives my work as an artist. Whether it's an emotion I feel, what's going on in the world, TV, magazines or personal situations, they all have an effect on my work. Through painting, I can capture my visions and produce images that speak to me and my clients. I love the freedom I have when I'm creating. I'm always pushing myself to outdo my last project. I love that aha moment when inspiration hits and the creative juices are flowing. That is truly when I'm at my happiest.


Katherine Lechler

Honorable Mention

My name is Kathy Lechler. I am from a small coastal community called Point Lookout, New York. The shore where I live is part of my inspiration for my paintings. Watching the birds on the beach or places I travel. I’ve always, since childhood, have been in love with nature and the other creatures we share our planet with. They bring to me a feeling of simplicity and tranquility. I like to bring that feeling to my work with the heavy brush strokes, and also to show how wild and ever changing the earth is. In 1985 I earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree at The School of Visual Arts in New York. Having studied illustration and graphic design, I worked for 23 years as an Art Director in publishing and right now work as a graphic artist. I have done some exhibiting at local Long Island galleries and alternate venues. My artwork was featured on a local Long Island wine as part of a fund raising effort by the Point Lookout Historical Society. You can follow my artwork and the creative process on Instagram, Blackbirdstudio_kathylechler, or on Facebook.


Debra Marvin

Honorable Mention

Working in a wide range of media—oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, and pencil—professional artist Debra J. Marvin creates wildlife art and related landscape studies. She also continues to do pet portraits and other pieces on commission. Deb enjoys participating in juried art competitions and has won several awards. Recently, her painting “African Painted Dog I” won a Second Place Award in the 2017 Annual Member Exhibition of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and two of her paintings were singled out for distinction in the 2017 Richeson75 Animals, Birds, and Wildlife Exhibition. Additionally, Color Magazine selected one of Deb’s paintings to be included in a book, Colored Pencil Treasures V. Deb, who lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband, hopes her art serves as a bridge helping people to reconnect with the beauty of nature and the desire to be good stewards of the earth.


Melissa Milton

Honorable Mention

Melissa Milton is a former attorney who began creating art late in life after becoming disabled by a neurological disorder. She mostly paints while lying down due to physical limits with standing up and sitting up. Although she is limited in her movements on land, Melissa moves about quite well in the low gravity environment of water. She therefore spends a lot of time in water. The daily hours spent moving about freely in water have played a large role in influencing her art. Water is her freedom. The figures or objects in her artwork often glide about effortlessly with water’s weightlessness and fluidity. The paint layers are themselves often translucent like water or have lines moving fluidly, as water does.


Gaylord Mink

Honorable Mention

After retirement as a research scientist some 20 years ago, I became interested in wildlife and nature videography as a way to record and preserve natural activities that I witnessed. Over time I incorporated still photography as another recording medium. As my photographic skills improved, I now try to look at natural events and present them in a somewhat more artistic way. It is not easy for an old scientist to recreate as an artist.

Get in touch with Gaylord to learn more about his work.


Deepti Mohile

Honorable Mention

Deepti is a teacher by profession but a passionate artist. Her love for drawing started when she was young but started developing her skills just a few years back. She started off with studying graphite and loved doing graphite portraits but soon started drawing animals, especially birds. She decided to learn color pencils and fell in love with them as they helped her portray those beautiful colors in the animals, especially bird feathers. She now loves working in graphite and color pencils. She has already won a few awards for her drawings and her art has been featured in various online showcases of art magazines.

Get in touch with Deepti to learn more about her work.


Sarah Van Rose

Honorable Mention

Sarah Van Rose is an illustrator from Colorado living and working in Brooklyn. She majored in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her concept art and painted backgrounds have been featured in several award-winning short films. She has also completed work for table-top games, virtual reality experiences, and novel covers. Her work can be found in several stores and galleries around New York. Growing up in Colorado riding horses, Sarah’s pieces are frequently celebrations of the equine spirit: their beautiful coat colors, and connection to nature.


Sadie Roy

Honorable Mention

I started a passion for photography after taking a darkroom class in high school and have been taking photos ever since. I've always had a love for black and white as I always found a great soul in black and white.


Kristopher Schoenleber

Honorable Mention

Kristopher is an award winning photojournalist, with 17 years in television news and 11 years in still photography. He specializes in landscape and nature fine art photography. His work has been featured in numerous art exhibits, and several publications. Born and raised at the Jersey shore, he loves to travel and explore the world around him.


JJ Snow

Honorable Mention

JJ Snow is an aspiring amateur photographer who hails from Maryland. She focuses on the zen of capturing unique, fleeting moments that grant peace and perspective in a digitally driven and fast paced world. She was drawn to photography as a way to help balance her busy life as a US Air Force Innovation Officer. Through pictures, JJ found a voice for emotions, moments and perspectives that often cannot be defined by words alone. She holds bachelors degrees in biology and political science and masters degrees in homeland security and defense analysis with a focus on emerging disruptive technologies. Her great loves include writing, photography, challenging the status quo, being outdoors and all kinds of art and music. She enjoys spending time with her two pugs, family and dear friends, and her best friend Matty. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Get in touch with JJ to learn more about her work.

Tolia Frolicking Friends.jpg

Vasu Tolia

Honorable Mention

Vasu has been painting for last six years by attending workshops and classes at local art center. She likes to paint representational and/or abstracted subjects from humanity and nature. She uses acrylic, oil or mixed media including charcoal. She is a strong advocate for human rights, specially women’s. This passion inspired her to do a solo show depicting roles of women at various stages of life in different capacities.

Vasu enjoys painting animals, specially wild ones. Her animals are colorful and full of life. Some of these ideas have emerged during her travels having captured a few of the moments herself which she transcribes into her paintings.

She also likes to explore newer horizons using color, texture and their relationship by experimenting further using processes of glazing, sanding, adding and subtracting in the background and in the subject itself. It is a true joy to see these characters unfold a new story.

She has won several prizes in juried shows.

van rosen fullsizeoutput_241.jpeg

Oz Van Rosen

Honorable Mention

I destroy to create. I describe my work as “Abstract Techspressionism”, a new form of abstract photography characterized by generating intentional and erratic image errors. My current work is part of the Glitch art movement; which is defined as randomly corrupting, bending and degrading data in an image to create an unpredictable aesthetic. The experimental nature of Glitch enables me to create completely unique images that defer to the whim of technology. Photography is my medium but my art isn’t about recording a moment in time. Rather, I create abstract images by databending and manipulating the underlying pixels. Glitching pushes the boundaries of photography into new visual possibilities. Both painting and photography are my two passions and I found a way to turn light and pixels into pigment and paint. Often, I also enjoy layering my art with old fashioned hand painting. A common thread in my work is the use of intense, deep saturated colors as a means of projecting emotional content and eliciting that same response from my audience. I studied art at the New York School of the Arts but photography has always been my primary passion and a self-taught hobby. After a long career in Marketing and Healthcare, I recently took on art full time, after my father’s passing. My art has been influenced by all the places I have lived in; Europe, Canada, the US, the Middle East, and all the people I has loved.