Art Competition-December 2018


Artist Competition-December 2018

Time Square Madness  John Mazlish

Time Square Madness

John Mazlish



J. Mane Gallery invites submissions for its Colors online juried art exhibition for the month of December 2018.  

Alongside the notes of the musical keyboard and the letters of the alphabet, colors provide the building blocks of our emotions. It is not for nothing that we say we are ‘feeling blue’ or ‘seeing red’. Each color is subtly connected to a web of experiences and associations. Some of these are highly idiosyncratic: a particular yellow might remind us of a long-dead grandmother’s kitchen or a pair of boots we had as children. But others carry more universal meanings. Exploring the associations we have around colors is a way to get to understand ourselves and, as importantly, gives us a way to tell others who we are.

For this competition, artists are encouraged to share their artistic vision and interpretation of colors-along any subject.  The artwork can vary from realism to surrealism to abstraction, and all media are accepted, including 3-D. All artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best inspired work.

Our guest juror for the Colors online art exhibition is accomplished visual artist, Nicola Lamb. Nicola has exhibited extensively through out California, and is a minimalist painter who looks at memory, visual and emotional responses – what is held in the body. It may be a place, a line, a color or a scent. “Everyone approaches the world with their own particular point of view– not a political view – but a visual point of view. Our eyes capture everything we see, like a lens in a camera, processing the information into memory – what we want to keep and what we will discard. View her website here.

Dates and Deadlines 

  • Deadline for Entries: November 25, 2018

  • Opening of Online Exhibition: December 1, 2018

  • Online Exhibition Closed & Archived: December 30, 2018 (remains on website under "Gallery Archives”)

Entry Fees

  • REDUCED ENTRY FEE: $20 for up to 5 images if you enter by November 15, 2018. After November 15, an entry fee of $30 for up to 5 images will be applied.

  • No more than a total of 5 images will be accepted in any one submission. An artist may enter more than once.

  • Payment is required at the time of entry.


  • IMAGE LABELING: Image should be labeled as LastName_FirstName_Title_Medium_Size.jpeg. Example: Mane_J_Title_Acrylic_20x30.jpg.

Acceptable Mediums & Sizes

  • Painting, drawing, pastels, inks, pencil, encaustic, photography, mixed media and digital art.


  • Cash awards may be given to the top three (3) winners.

  • The First Place winner will be the Featured Artists on the website for the duration of the exhibition. Winners will receive extensive online publicity and promotion.

  • Depending on the number and quality of all submissions received, Honorable Mention awards may also be given.

  • Winning artists will receive a digital award certificate.

  • The artists will be promoted on the website, in online press releases to hundreds of outlets, in online event calendars, art news websites, and through the gallery’s extensive social media outlets.

  • Links to the artist's website will be listed on the exhibition page and should result in increased traffic to the artist's website.

  • J. Mane Gallery's objective is to promote the artists, worldwide, to art professionals, galleries, collectors and buyers.

J. Mane Gallery utilizes the Submittable platform to receive, process and jury all competition entries.

Artists who submit an entry and images to J. Mane Gallery must agree to J. Mane Gallery's Terms Of Service, and Competition Rules.

Read the full Competition Rules on the submission page. Click the button below to submit: