Watercolors Monthly Winners


Watercolors 2019

Art Exhibition Monthly Winners

Below are the biographies and/or artist's statements along with the artist's websites or emails. 

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Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you for sharing your talent with us.


Six On The Block


22 x 30

Leah Dockrill

First Place Winner 

Leah Dockrill is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her thirty-year art practice includes painting, collage and digital art. She paints in both watercolour and acrylic, enjoying the different challenges and opportunities each medium provides. Leah's work has been exhibited in commercial galleries and public venues in both Canada and the U.S. She has received numerous awards, and her art has been published in several art and literary reviews. Leah has been an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2000.


When Water Misbehaves


Tonya Shoults

Second Place

Tonya fell in love with watercolor painting while studying fine art at Eastern Michigan University. She decided to change courses away from the education world, but maintains the artistic passion for watercolor. Tonya's artistic subjects vary widely, but always come from an introspective auto-biographical head space. Tonya loves to explore the relationship between 2-d and 3-d representation of space, composition and balance. She sites the Expressionists artists use of color and perspective as a major influence on her work. Tonya often collaborates with her fiancee, Alex Moroz, as they enjoy painting together and their artistic styles blend seamlessly.

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Botanical Study Bachelor Button 4


11 x 14

Vega Davis

Third Place

The works in Botanical Studies are comprised of flowers and other flora rendered in monochromatic silhouette. With these quick, gestural studies I capture the essence of my subject in its natural environment. This body of work aims to reveal the bold power of life in its physical form. While these studies have been ongoing for years, my connection to nature has deepened since I moved my home and studio from Brooklyn to rural upstate New York. Most mornings I paint in a flower garden when the sun still allows the plant to open. This spring and summer ritual allows me to connect with the earth and celebrate the plant. I typically observe and paint the flower from a vantage point that mimics its natural height, making our presence equivalent and allowing me to properly acknowledge its singularity and dignity. Working horizontally and on the ground, I use a rigorous brushstroke to translate the shape of my subject. This intentional gesture is meant to honor the force within the plant—a flower that braves the elements and human pollution each day.

See more of Vega’s work on her website.


Vera Fainshtein

Honorable Mention

Vera Fainshtein is an active visual artist with over fifteen years of experience in fine arts, new media art and design. She has an MFA degree in Digital Media Art from the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University and a Bachelor's degree in Design from the University of California, Los Angeles. Vera's paintings and large-scale interactive video installations have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums including the Zero1 Biennial of contemporary art. She is currently a full-time professor at College of San Mateo, where she teaches courses in graphic design.

Vera’s website.


Suzi Hyun

Honorable Mention

Suzi Hyun is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She scrutinizes human emotions and experiences through making images. For her watercolor series, she evolves phrases from her diaries into visual imageries.

Visit Suzi’s website to view more of her work.


Jennifer Trivett

Honorable Mention

I am mostly self-trained as a watercolor artist, having taken just one class. Hailing from the beautiful state of Virginia, many of my paintings have been inspired by my love for the rolling fields and forests of my home state. I am retired and devote most of my time to exploring the lands where I live.

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Julia Winter

Honorable Mention

I was born in Moscow. My parents left Moscow for Workuta in 1966. A former Gulag of Stalin with coal mines and in the early sixties a city in development. I stayed in Workuta until I was twelve years old before returning to Moscow. Like a blank canvas, the tundra of North Pole stretched in front of me. I based my current artist name: Julia Winter on those memories. The choice for this name explains how I look at identity. This is a recurring theme in my work. I think we all have multiple identities as people. I explore the phenomenon of the portrait and, more specifically, how we perceive the other. They are often “double portraits”. By juxtaposing two identities, I compose two overlapping images of faces which is at the same time a play of forms, colours and perspectives. I seek the combination of differences. Contrasts such as male-female, past-present, guilt-innocence and melt them together into a new poetic and sometimes political reality. By transforming I like to show a time influence and how it constantly changes our perception. The past is reawakened in a reconstruction of shards or with fragments of memories. These memories transform us and our futures. At a time when emigration has become a common phenomenon, we have to accept an ongoing negotiation and exchange between irreconcilable differences. In the media, we see a huge number of different faces and in our cities we experience new national and ethnic mixtures. My work was shown in museums and galleries around the world and has been bought by several museums and collectors. In 2017 I participated in a Residency program at the Eileen S. Kaminsky Foundation in New York.

Visit Julia’s website to see more of her work.