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Abstract's Monthly Winners


Abstract Art 2018

Art Exhibition Monthly Winners

Below are the biographies and/or artist's statements along with the artist's websites or emails. 

Please visit the Abstract Art exhibition page and contact the artists directly for purchase inquiries or to see more of their work.

Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Bag 7005        Color Photo    11 x 14

Bag 7005        Color Photo    11 x 14

David "Squid" Quinn

First Place Winner 

Squid studied at Pratt Institute and holds a dual masters degree in Photography and Art History. His New York artist experience has been a non-stop adventure. He spent several years working with Blue Man Group as they opened their New York show, doing everything from backstage tech to sound operation. Blue Man taught him how hard it really was to be funny and irreverent. Then he shifted into video and began working at Video D Studios with Dennis Diamond. It was here that he was introduced to the amazing world of dance and art video. His many Video D adventures included assisting in the video recording, editing and/or theatrical installation design for amazing artists like Bill Irwin, Elizabeth Streb, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Richard Serra, and Bruce Nauman. His personal photographic explorations include experiments with colored lights and paper bags that have expanded to include paper airplanes.

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Untitled       Photography      46 x 35

Untitled       Photography      46 x 35

Slava Bruma

Second Place

I was born and live in Kishinev Republic of Moldova. 
I have been engaged in photography for over thirty years. 
I studied and graduated from the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema in the city of Leningrad (St. Petersburg). I have directed a documentary and worked in television as well. 

Untitled       Mixed Media On Paper      35 x 50 cm

Untitled       Mixed Media On Paper      35 x 50 cm


Ewa Matyja

Third Place

Ewa Matyja is a Polish abstract artist currently living between Poland and USA. She started her self-taught art practice in 2016. Before discovering Abstract Painting, she studied Marketing and Event Management and worked in Fashion Industry. Ewa received her Bachelor Degree at Dublin Business School in 2014, then she continued her studies in graphic design at the Dublin Institute of Design. 
 My journey with an art world started when I was a child, I have been creating art from a very young age but only in 2016 my strong passion for art let get out of my comfort zone and show my art to the public. I dicover myself as an intuitive abstract painter, who through experimenting with new techniques create according to inner vision. My creative process, which involves expressive forms and strong concepts in my paintings, reflects emotions and chaos, that exists in our daily lives. My background in travel and culture encouraged me to see more of the world, where I find connection with people and places, has become my main source of inspiration. My goal as an artist is to inspire others to follow their dreams and let the true passion take over at any age or stage of their life.

Visit Ewa Matyja's website here and follow him on Instagram.


Forrest Aderholt

Honorable Mention

Forrest Aderholt is an artist currently living, working, and teaching in Dallas, Texas. He graduated with a BFA from Southwestern University in 2016. His method of painting is often inspired by the complex contemporary political and social relationships created by imperialism, globalization, and other more marginalized groups who oppose both. He creates paintings through layering dichotomies to create a dense composition. Often starting with a layer of instinctual broad marks until he discovers a composition he feels he can respond to. He then layers more controlled geometric shapes on top and works back and forth in this manner. In the end these opposing ideas not only compete and create tension but also form an alliance to create a cohesive whole.  Visit his website here and follow him on Instagram.


Nancy Breakstone

Honorable Mention

My photographs show nature’s unaltered art created in the sand by the receding tide of the Pacific Ocean, taken on a beach in Costa Rica. From a blank canvas of sand, the Pacific Ocean creates compelling realistic and abstract art captured as I found it. Most people walk right by or on them and never notice the beauty that lies right at their feet. I have been photographing them over the past 5 years and call my series “Impressions In The Sand”.  Visit my website here and follow me on Instagram.


William Brennan

Honorable Mention

William Francis Brennan was born in 1949 in Massachusetts. He grew up on the family’s farm and started painting at age 10. From 1970 to 1980 he used to work as an artist in Toronto/Canada and from 1980 to 2008 in San Francisco, CA. Since 2008 he is a resident in Germany; he lives and works as an artist on the countryside near Berlin. Over the years he participated in several group and solo exhibitions. He is an internationally awarded artist. Some of his art-work deals with social, political and environmental topics. In general his art is a hybrid of ex- and impressionism. Many abstract compositions are developed thru experiment. Composition is developed by color, contrast and balance. Form and a sense of change – even motion are key elements in many paintings. Often his work overlays two subjects, either in conflict or in harmony.  Compositions are often the result of an experimental artistic exploration. From painting to painting style can change: Realism, ex- and impressionism. 
He prefers keeping himself flexible and versatile. His art has a full spectrum of method and subject. 
He has limited formal training; he is motivated by pleasure of being creative.  Visit his website here.


Brittney Ciccone

Honorable Mention

Brittney Ciccone grew up in upstate New York and received her BFA from the Fashion Institute of technology and a minor in art history in 2012. She paints mostly abstract using mixed media. Brittney has been living and working in Boston since 2013. While also pursuing a career as a party chef working in Boston’s south ends local bakeries. Over the past few years she has been commissioned to paint artworks for clients homes. She enjoy being able to see a space and tailoring her artworks for their unique home.  Visit her website here.


Riccardo Liotta

Honorable Mention

Professionally trained and practicing as an architect, I have also been producing art inspired by physics, mathematics and geometry, the foundation of my artwork. Abstract art characterized by dynamic, angular geometries, contrasting shapes, overlapping polychromatic polygons, vibrant colors, sharp lines, and graphics elements. Derived from the application of mathematical formulas and geometric principles, it expresses concepts like speed, movement, energy, reflecting the changing, unstable characteristics of nature, as well as the fragmentation, uncertainty and undeterminability of life. 
Technically these compositions are influenced by Futurism, Rayonism, Constructivism, Suprematism, but take inspiration from comics, graphic design, diagrams and photographs of particle collisions and electron microscopy. Through continuous artistic research and development, and by learning/experimenting with different techniques, methods and tools, the art has evolved, becoming less rigid, less systematic, but more intuitive, gestural, fluid, and it is created by experimenting with figure-ground relationship, proportions, harmony, contrast, overlaps, layers, movement, and by analyzing and altering the behavior of colors, fields, shapes, lines and segments.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


Massimo Meo

Honorable Mention

Massimo Meo is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist working primarily in fields of painting and film. Through much experimentation he has cultivated techniques that utilize a variety of mediums. Mediums include, but not limited to inks, watercolour, and acrylic to achieve the desired effect. His process has always been an escape, a controlled meditative experiment. For him, colours are laced with so many subtle yet deeply complex feelings, triggered by both memory and instinct. In leaving his work without an explanation or definition, he hopes his audience will be able to appreciate the work based purely on a subjective visual attraction.  Visit his website here and follow him on Instagram.


Matthew Miklavcic

Honorable Mention

I am an Art Historian who loves to make art. I have been out of school for 3 years and now I am trying to make something out of what i learned at the College of Wooster to make artwork that is rooted in history and is interesting to look at and maybe even question what they are looking at or the world around them.  Email for more information.


Eric Seplowitz

Honorable Mention

Eric Seplowitz is an upstate New York based artist who challenges us to take a closer look at things we feel we already know and understand. He utilizes magnification, scale and perspective to present a different view of objects, nature, people, or ideologies. For Eric’s most recent works, he has tapped into his background of Geology, which he studied at Union College. Through the use of macro photography, Eric brings us a closer look at geodes, agates and other rocks and minerals – to not only see them from a new perspective, but to provide a macro landscapes enticing the mind to see other worlds within the lines, colors and patterns captured.  Visit his website here and follow him on Instagram.